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The Burglar
The classic 1957 release starring Dan Duryea and Jane Mansfield, filmed in Goodis' hometown of Philadelphia and Atlantic City. David Goodis is credited as screenwriter.

The Burglars
Based on the novel by David Goodis, this is a fantastic action thriller with Jean-Paul Belmondo who stars as Azad. He's a slick jewel thief who steals and emerald worth millions of dollars. Police detective Abel Zacharia (Omar Sharif), who seems much more interested in the precious emerald then with arresting Azad stalks him relentlessly. This game of cat and mouse cumulates with one of cinemas most incredible car chases. Belmondo risked life and limb as he did all of his own amazing stunts. Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone! (more) (less).

Chase scene in The Burglars

Tirez sur le pianiste (Shoot the piano player)
Directed by François Truffaut. 1960. With Charles Aznavour, Marie Dubois and Nicole Berger.

Dark Passage
A movie with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall from 1947, directed by Delmer Davis. Not their best movie, but still entertaining. In colour.

Film Noir Movie Trailers Galore - Dark Passage (1947)
Trailer to "Dark Passage" directed by Delmer Daves, starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Bruce Bennett & Agnes Moorehead.

Dark Passage Trailer [1947]
Bogart plays a man convicted of murdering his wife who escapes from prison in order to prove his innocence. Bogart finds that his features are too well known, and is forced to seek some illicit backroom plastic surgery. The entire pre-knife part of the film is shot from a Bogart's-eye-view, with us seeing the fugitive for the first time as he starts to recuperate from the operation in the apartment of a sympathetic young artist (played by Bacall) for whom he soon finds affection. But what he's really after is revenge.

Street of No Return
late era Fuller gold..