He lived it as well

By Gary Lovisi
Editor, Hardboiled Magazine

DAVID GOODIS wrote noir, and unintentionally it appears, he lived it as well. His best work from the 1940 and 50s captures perfectly those dark feelings of despair and alienation he must have felt in his own life. Perhaps some of this comes with the territory by being a writer. However these same feelings have unfortunately become too commonplace in today's fast-paced and often confusing world -- which might have been seen as a noir nightmare by Goodis had he lived in our time. But if he had been alive today, I'm sure David Goodis would have appreciated this conference and no doubt be delighted at the recognition of his life and work that we are all celebrating.

Copyright 2006 by Gary Lovisi

The above essay appeared in the GoodisCON program book. Gary Lovisi is an Edgar Award nominated mystery author, editor of Hardboiled and Paperback Parade magazines and founder of Gryphon Books. To find out more or contact him, see his web site: