"... the curtain can come down at any time"

Mollie Goodis, mother of David Goodis, died in September 1967. Thereafter, David Goodis became seriously depressed. Already suffering from a heart condition, he entered what is now Belmont Institute. While in the hospital, he sent a handwritten letter to his cousin, attorney and advisor, Samuel Goodis. The "Bill" referred to in the letter is his cousin, William Goodis. Four months later, David Goodis was dead. The letter was found in the files of the Estate of David Goodis at the Ballard Spahr law firm. Corey Fields, attorney for the Estate, read the letter at GoodisCON.

September 15

Dear Sam --

This is to thank you for all you did for me when I was in serious need of help. I know it was an ordeal for you, and yet you handled it not only with logic, but with valor, and my admiration is boundless.

If you wish to visit me, or if Bill would like to see me, hours are 1-3 P.M. on Sundays and 6-8 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As we both agreed, the house should be put up for sale, and the real estate firm handling the matter should be Lam and Buchsbaum. A close friend of mine for many years, Mr. Morton Krouse of 6000 N. 13 St., has told me that he would like to purchase the house, and it is my wish that he be given priority in this regard.

Because of the fact that I have a coronary condition, there's really no telling how long I can last. I'm trying as best as I can to make a physical and emotional comeback. On the emotional level, I feel that I can climb out of this mess. But with a coronary situation, the curtain can come down at any time. Therefore, it is my wish that in case I pass out of the picture, the most feasible move in regard to all decisions involving the best possible care for Herb is to consult with Dr. Herbert Adler, inasmuch as I am very much impressed by his ability in the field. Although we decided that Norristown State Hospital was a wise choice, since Herb is kept busy there with industrial therapy, and is also more or less adjusted to the place, it is possible that Dr. Adler is in a better position to judge, and that is my reason for making this suggestion.

Again, my deepest gratitude, and my fondest wishes to you and Hortense.


Louis Boxer photographed this item from the collection of David Goodis pulp materials. In this edition, David Goodis wrote under his own name and the pen name of David Crewe..